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Who knows? Essential Care Partners do.

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Essential Care Partners are just that, partners in care; they are key members of the care team who make profound impacts on all aspects of care, including contributing to the safety of Canadian patients*. The pandemic has been particularly difficult for caregivers and for the people they care for. The insights gained during these difficulties can, and should, lead the way to a new future for caregivers in Canada, one that values and seeks to embed the role of caregivers as essential, where their presence is expected and welcomed, and not the exception – even in times of crisis.

Join this webinar in honour of Canadian Patient Safety Week. The goals of this virtual discussion are to build an understanding of the importance of Essential Care Partners and to consider the lessons learned through this pandemic where the negative impacts as a result of their absence has been clear. We will discuss how care partners help prevent harm, why it’s a safety concern to prohibit them from being physically present as partners in care, and how we can safely reintegrate them – now and into the future.  Details of the webinar will be announced on and emailed to CPSW registrants.

*The term “patient” is used inclusively to refer to people who receive care or services in a variety of settings, including acute care, outpatient and community services, long-term care, home care, etc.


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