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TLC End of Life Training for Carers

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Learn core skills for caring for the dying.

About this event

What is TLC? (Tender Loving Care Training)

The TLC course was developed by Felicity Warner, the Founder of the Soul Midwife Movement. Soul Midwives are men and women who undergo intensive training in order to offer compassionate end of life care. Felicity recognised that there was also a need to develop a more practical course to benefit individual carers.

TLC has since been recognised by the Gold Standards Framework Team as providing excellent training for NHS staff. When it was introduced into the NHS in Dorset in 2019 by Soul Midwife Anne Hiscock, Yeatman Hospital (part of Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust) was given the ‘Best Ward of the Year Award’ for delivering high quality end of life care. The TLC course is adaptable to any care setting and will support staff and carers to deliver the best care possible to clients and loved ones.

Who is this course for?

You may be currently caring for someone who has a terminal diagnosis, and wish to learn how to provide the best possible care. You may be interested in training to become a Soul Midwife; this course would count towards your Introduction to Soul Midwifery. You may be a professional carer in a Care Home setting or hospice, who wishes to deepen your understand of the dying process; this course will equip you with insight and helpful strategies for managing each stage compassionately. You may be a volunteer in a hospice; this course will give you practical training in deep listening and Gentle Touch, so that you can support those in need these vital skills.

So, tell me more about the TLC course?

This is a 4 hour training course delivered by Zoom by experienced and qualified Soul Midwife and TLC Trainer, Helen Latham. She has experience of delivering to Care Home Staff and individuals caring for loved ones in the UK and Australia. Training can be offered at a time to suit your individual needs.

So what does the training day look like?

Prior to the course we will send you (via email) a package of information and a handbook containing all you will need to prepare for the day. You will need to print a hard copy of these for yourself. We will also send Zoom details.

Session 1. 10.00- 12.00pm

1. Welcome and introduction

2. What is TLC?

3. Core skills; (comfort and coffee break)

4. Creating a loving space

5. Gentle touch


Session 2. 13.00 – 14.45pm

6. The four stages of dying and how TLC can help

7. Breath work at the end of life

8. Deep listening skills

9. Vigiling and supporting the dying person

10. Any questions. Check in. Feedback.

What have others said about the TLC Course?

Those who have received TLC training from Helen have said:

“I attended this training through Zoom and I can highly recommend it for both professionals carers, family and friends who may be supporting someone through end of life care. This training is informative and is also delivered in a compassionate and sensitive way by an experienced trainer.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I learned so much. It has given me confidence to be with the elderly and dying.”

“The training was well delivered and inspiring. I am looking forward to exploring the subject further.”

“Very relaxed, interactive and no pressure. Enjoyable and challenging.”

“The best part for me was learning about the 4 stages of dying. It helped me to understand what was happening when a person is actually dying.”

Why is this course important?

There is so much anxiety and misunderstanding about the dying process that we have lost the art of making the end of life meaningful and positive. Soul Midwives believe passionately that dying doesn’t have to be a frightening or painful experience. We believe that carers can learn how to use their intuitive compassion skills more effectively through this simple course.

As Dr. Kathrine Mannix (author of ‘With the End in Mind’) says, “Dying doesn’t have to be as bad as you think”.


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