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The “spirit” side of brain health: Why social and emotional well-being matter to cognitive fitness

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Social and emotional health in the third stage of life impacts an individual’s daily thinking, long-term cognitive vitality and healthy aging. Yet this “spirit” side of brain health is often overlooked, and few opportunities are offered on our program calendars to improve these aspects of well-being.

Join psychologist and brain health expert Dr. Cynthia Green for an overview of the science connecting social and emotional well-being to brain health and successful aging. Take away a deeper understanding of the spirit side of cognitive fitness and explore practical ways to empower your community members to build resilience, deepen connections and experience personal growth in the third stage of life.

Learning objectives

In this webinar, participants will:
• Learn about the science of social engagement, emotional health, self-perception and brain health.
• Explore how cultivating the spirit aspects of brain health can support personal growth and emotional well-being in an active aging population.
• Learn how to develop and deliver social and emotional programs that support brain health and successful aging.


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