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Playing with Dementia

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Playing with Dementia: How the dementia experience can help us all embrace uncertainty, live more joyously, lead with our hearts and create a better world

Across the globe, people living with dementia are joining with care partners and family members, health care professionals, community and faith leaders, artists, academics, advocates and activists to challenge the fear-, abuse- and stigma-producing “tragedy narrative” of dementia and create more joyful, humanizing and socially just approaches to practice and policies.

Their efforts are transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people living with dementia. As important, their discoveries have the potential to transform a culture whose belief that human beings “are our brains” prevents all of us from living our lives to the fullest and stifles our collective ability to navigate an increasingly uncertain world with humanity, relationality, creativity and justice.

Join Mary Fridley and four pioneering dementia activists and advocates – Phyllis Fehr, Daniella Greenwood, Lynn Casteel Harper and Pia Kontos – for a playful and philosophical conversation about the joys (and challenges) of reimagining dementia – and how we can come together and create a world in which everyone contributes, grows and thrives.


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