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Let’s Get ‘er Done! Advance Care Planning – A 4 Part Series

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Let’s Get ‘er Done!

Advance Care Planning – A 4 Part Series


Are you serious about getting your Advance Care Planning documentation completed and making the important health care and end of life conversations happen?

The DDNBC and Patient Pathways have partnered to help you to dig deep and not only discover what’s important to you now and in the future, but to actually get your Wishes for Future Health Care completed.

This series takes place over 4 sessions:

PART 1 – Wednesday, April 6th 6:30 to 8:30 pm (PT)

PART 2 – Wednesday, April 13th 6:30 to 8:30 pm (PT)

PART 3 – Wednesday, April 20th 6:30 to 8:30 pm (PT)

PART 4 – Wednesday, April 27th 6:30 to 8:30 pm (PT)

April 6th – Part 1: Beliefs, Values, Wishes and Who and What Matters Most – A Willow Workshop™ … Based on three tools from Willow’s holistic and pragmatic workbook, 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death, Values, Wishes and Who and What Matter Most will guide you to explore the reality of your mortality in a fun and interactive workshop. Making sense of life and death before making practical arrangements will ensure that your end-of-life planning reflects your values and priorities. In this session you will articulate your core values and how they impact your living and dying; get present to your hopes and fears around your inevitable death, and gain some clarity about who and what matter most. There will be homework.

April 13th – Part 2: Understanding Resuscitation – Known in the lay-world as “heroics”. Resuscitation is so much more than restarting your heart: it involves being on a ventilator, dialysis and tube feeding. Learn about these advance life supports so you can have better discussions with your healthcare teams. Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) will be discussed, especially as it relates to Advance Requests and Advance Directives.

April 20th – Part 3: 5 Steps for Successful End of Life Planning Conversations – A Willow Workshop™… Many of us understand the importance of preparing for your someday, one-day, inevitable death while you’re still healthy enough to do that. But talking about death in a death-phobic and death-denying culture can be a challenge. Whether you’re thinking about your own end-of-life planning or you want to facilitate plans for someone else, it really helps to talk about it first! In this session, you will increase your readiness to undertake end-of-life planning, and other challenging conversations; gain insight into the intentions, concerns, context, and importance of end-of-life planning conversations in your life; be guided through key steps for having successful and meaningful end-of-life planning conversations and gain clarity about who and what matter most. There will be homework.

April 27th – Part 4: Writing Your Wishes for Future Health Care … We will take all that we’ve learned over the first three sessions along with your homework assignments and pull it all together into your Letter of Medical Wishes. This is a non-legally binding document that will give your future decisions makers and healthcare providers a deep understanding of who you are, who and what is most important to you, and how this influences your decisions on the care that you do and do not want. You will have the confidence to change this letter as your health changes over time.

ALL SESSIONS ARE 6:30 PM TO 8:30 pm (Pacific Time)

REGISTRATION FEE: $115, plus GST for the Full Series (a $400 value)

DDNBC MEMBERS: Save 10% with promo code

This is an interactive workshop series that requires engagement with other participants. This requires access and participation with both audio and video during the sessions.

Your Hosts & Educators:

  • Jo-Anne Haun & Karen Hendrickson, Death Doula Network of BC
  • Connie Jorsvik, Patient Pathways


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