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Disrupted! Resiliently Reintegrating After Stress & Adversity

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This presentation outlines the impact of stress, and how to transform it into power.
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DAI’s “Meeting Of The Minds” Webinar, April 28/29, 2021

Title: Disrupted! Resiliently Reintegrating After Stress & Adversity

Presenter: Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai

About the Webinar: This presentation shares how stress has become ubiquitous in our vocabulary. We’re stressed about work, school, our children, our finances, and, yes, we’re stressed about stress. What if you could transform your stress into power? And your anxiety into opportunity? Disrupted! walks you through the psychological, emotional, and physical opportunities that lie dormant within stress; and gives you the tools to trigger the release of tremendous personal power. Dr. Makai expertly weaves scientific research with real-life stories to show you how to not just go through stress and adversity, but to grow through it.

About Dr Kozhi Makai: Kozhi Makai Worldwide, an idea studio focused on using behavioral science to help others thrive — especially in the workplace. Dr. Makai passionately lives out his purpose as a performance psychologist to organizations and as a Special Duty Officer in the United States Navy Reserve. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Management & Decision Sciences from Walden University and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from CalSouthern University.


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